Tax Calculation using Avalara AvaTax

As an administrator of Foundations you can enable external tax calculation so that Certinia products can calculate tax using Avalara AvaTax. To do this, you must provide this information on the Tax Calculation Settings tab:

Other Certinia applications use the Foundations process to centrally set up and maintain tax calculations with an external tax calculation service.

To set up Foundations to calculate tax for Certinia products using Avalara AvaTax:

  1. Click the Tax Calculation Settings tab.
  2. Select the Enable External Tax Calculation checkbox.
  3. Complete the remaining fields. See Tax Calculation Settings.

    If you've made changes on this page, but want to restore the settings from the server, click Restore from Server.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Validate account and company addresses in your org. See Validating Addresses for Sales and Use Tax Calculation.

To test the connection with Avalara AvaTax using the current settings, click Test Connection.