Datastream Overview

Foundations Datastream enables you to create or update records in your org quickly and easily by importing data from a spreadsheet.

Datastream uses familiar copy and paste functionality, enabling you to define data within a spreadsheet, then copy data tables and paste them directly into your org. Datastream then converts the table rows into records.

You can use Datastream to upload records for all Certinia and Salesforce objects, as well as any custom or third-party objects in your org.

You can use Datastream from the Foundations Datastream tab or from pages that include the FDN Datastream Lightning component.


Datastream enables you to easily define and manage relationships between the records you want to import. For example, you can use Datastream to import contact records into your org, which are related to an existing account.

You can also import records for related objects in the same action. For example, you can import billing documents at the same time as billing document line items, linking them in one action.

You can specify relationships with existing records using a unique name or, for records with common names, a record ID.


You can use Datastream to create new records or update existing ones by referencing their record IDs in the data you want to import.