Foundations and Integrations Task Launcher Overview

The Foundations & Integrations Task Launcher page provides a central location for links to common admin tabs. To view this tab, you require the FDN Core - Administrator permission set.


The links you can access from the task launcher depend on the packages you have installed and the permissions you have to access the linked tabs.

Links Available from the Foundations & Integrations Task Launcher
Product Section Link
Foundations Configuration & Data Management Import Records with Datastream
Manage Custom Metadata
Manage Custom Settings
Manage Features
Manage Permission Sets
Manage Salesforce Users
View Apex Jobs
Currency & Exchange Rates Manage Currencies
Manage Groups
Manage Rates
Manage Scheduled Jobs
Manage Updates
View Rate History
Foundational Objects Manage Account Extensions
Manage Accounts
Manage Analysis Items
Manage Analysis Mappings
Manage Billing Documents
Manage Companies
Manage Company Tax Information
Manage Credit Terms
Manage Engagements
Manage Product Extensions
Manage Products
Manage Tax Codes
Messaging Manage Data Transformation Tables
Manage Message Types
Manage Scheduled Jobs
View Registered Products
Sequencing Manage Scheduled Jobs
Manage Sequencing
Run Sequencing
User Management Apply Personas
Compare Permissions
Create Users
Manage Personas
Manage Scheduled Jobs
Manage User Information
Manage User Templates
Review Permission Errors
Integrations Tax Calculation Settings
PSA Direct for Jira   PSA Direct for Jira Mappings
  PSA Direct for Jira Queue Status
  PSA Direct for Jira Settings