New Features and Enhancements in Planning June 2023

The following new features have been introduced in the June 2023 release of Planning.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, see Upgrading to Planning June 2023. This provides a summary of the items that have been added for each feature and details of any required upgrade steps.

Dependencies on other Certinia Packages

You must install the following package as a mandatory package before installing or upgrading to this release of Planning:

  • Foundations Spring 2023

Changes to Permission Sets

We have updated permission sets labels, and added descriptions to make them more aligned with Certinia products.

To find a summary of the updated and deprecated permission sets and custom permissions, see Permission Sets and Other Technical Documentation.


Fixes are now listed on the Known Issues page of the Certinia Community. You can access this page from the Release Hub menu. For a brief description of the issues that have been fixed in this version of Planning, see the related section of the Known Issues page.