New Features and Enhancements in SCM Advanced Quoting Spring 2023

The following new features have been introduced in the Spring 2023 release of SCM Advanced Quoting.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, see Upgrading to SCM Advanced Quoting Spring 2023. This provides a summary of the items that have been added for each feature and details of any required upgrade steps.


All the previous features of SCM Advanced Quoting might not be available in this release. Before you enable the SCM Advanced Quoting feature, we recommend testing this feature in the sandbox covering all the customer scenarios.

The following features are not supported on the Customer Quotation Line Items grid:

  • Reordering of Groups
  • Configuring Upsell Cross Sell Items

Enhancements to Customer Quotation

The SCM Advanced Quoting Lightning record page provides a modern user experience and enables you to perform your daily tasks on the customer quotations in a streamlined way.

In this release, we have enhanced the look and feel of the customer quotation user interface. Using the upgraded version of the customer quotation, you can now:

  • Perform multi-inline and single-inline editing on the checkbox fields.
  • Select one or more item options for each item master depending on the status of the Allow Multiple Selection Of Options custom setting.
  • Search and add multiple items to the customer quotation using filters.
  • Reorder line items using drag and drop.
  • Change supplier for a line item.
  • Sort groups in alphabetical order.
  • Duplicate a customer quotation.
  • Send a customer quotation through email.

You can now set any field on the customer quotation grid as required (*) by selecting the Required checkbox on the Field Set Item Properties of its Customer Quotation Line field set.

For more information, see:


This Lightning version of the customer quotation page enables you to create and manage customer quotations of type Inventory and Drop Ship only. To create or manage other types of customer quotations, you must use Classic or the Visualforce version of the page.

Deprecated Elements

The SCMQT Lightning Page Assignment feature is deprecated and replaced with the new SCMQT Lightning Page Assignment feature that includes the updated steps to add the new Lightning actions to the customer quotation page layout. For more information, see Upgrading to SCM Advanced Quoting Spring 2023


Fixes are listed on the Known Issues page of the Certinia Community. You can access this page from the Community Support Hub. For a brief description of the issues that have been fixed in this version of SCM Advanced Quoting, see the relevant section of the Known Issues page.