New Features and Enhancements in SCM Avalara Connector Winter 2023

The following new features have been introduced in the Winter 2023 release of SCM Avalara Connector.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, see Upgrading to SCM Avalara Connector Winter 2023. This provides a summary of the items that have been added for each feature and details of any required upgrade steps.

Migrating to the Core Avalara AvaTax Integration

In Winter 2023 we completed migrating the functionality from SCM Avalara Connector to SCM Core. To ease the transition from the extension package to using the new functionality, you can disable tax calculation for each object. For more information, see Migrating from the SCM Avalara Connector to Core.

Security Improvements for Validating Account Addresses

To be compliant with Salesforce security standards, we have introduced several security improvements related to validating addresses on accounts in Avalara.

We have created a new permission set named SCMAVA - Validate Account Addresses. This permission set provides access to all the relevant fields on the Account object. You must assign the permission set to any users who need to validate account addresses.