Setting up SCM Service Contracts

Installations are carried out by the Certinia Onboarding team. To install SCM Service Contracts, first make sure that the required packages are installed in your org, then contact your Customer Support representative.

Dependencies on Other Certinia Packages

SCM Service Contracts Spring 2020 requires the following Certinia packages to be installed:

  • SCM Spring 2020 or newer

Before Installing

There are a number of items to be set up before users create a service contract.

  • Items must exist in CertiniaSupply Chain Management for tangible and intangible items that are to form the recurring and non recurring amounts on the contract.
  • Appropriate item types exist for the items which are non recurring.
  • One or more active service terms must exist.
  • You can create price lists to be applied to your service contracts.

Post-Install Steps

If you have permissions to do so, you can follow the steps described in this section to set up and configure SCM Service Contracts. You must be logged in as an administrator or equivalent to perform the steps.

SCM Service Contracts Post-Install Steps



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Ensure that the "Material" and "Time" picklist values exist in the Item Type picklist of the Item Master object.

Creating Item Types
2 Set up the page layout assignment for the Service Contract, Service Contract Line, Change Request, Change Request Line and Service Term objects. Setting up Page Layouts
3 Ensure that the View button on the Change Request object is overridden with the ChangeRequest [SCMSC__ChangeRequest] Visualforce page. For information about assigning action overrides, see the Salesforce Help.
4 Ensure that the profiles assigned to CertiniaSCM Service Contracts users are granted access to all relevant objects' record types and that such record types have the correct defaults. Configuring Record Type Settings on Profiles
5 Set up Salesforce approval processes for the Service Contract and Change Request objects. For information about setting up approval processes, see the Salesforce Help.

Optional Setup Tasks

You must be logged in as an administrator or equivalent to perform these optional setup tasks. If you're skipping these optional tasks, you can directly set up the initial data.

Flexible Term SCM Service Contracts

If your organization uses flexible term SCM Service Contracts, add the fields associated with the first term and last term cost and fees to the field sets on the Service Contract Lines and Change Request Lines objects.

Launch Billing Engine Button

If your organization is to launch the billing engine manually, add the Launch Billing Engine button to the list view in the Service Contracts and Invoicing objects.

Customer Quotation

Make the following changes in the customer quotation object:

  • Add the Customer Quotation tab to the Service Contracts Process application.
  • If your organization uses Certinia SCM Advanced Quoting and uses standard forms for printing a quote, replace the Print button on each of the customer quotation page layouts with the SCMQT__Print button.

Service Contract Page Layouts

If you want the service contract overview to appear on service contracts, add the ContractHighlightPanel and ContractAreaChart Visualforce pages to your Service Contract page layouts.

Initial Data Setup

This section describes the data that you need to set up once you have installed and configured CertiniaSCM Service Contracts for the first time.

SCM Service Contracts Initial Data Setup Steps



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1 Set up service terms.

Creating Service Terms

2 Set up price lists. Creating Price Lists