Viewing Cash Entry Lists

The Cash Entries list view displays a list of cash entries in your current companyClosed The company in which you are working. This is represented by the company queue to which you, and new instances of objects you create, are assigned. . From this page, you can view detailed information on your cash entries and access other related information.

You cannot delete a saved cash entry. You must discard it.

  • Click a cash entry number to view its detail.
  • Click Edit next to a cash entry number to edit the cash entry.
  • Choose a predefined view from the drop-down list to select the records to display. Alternatively, you can select Create New View to define your own list view.
  • Click Printable View to display the current list view in a format that is ready for printing.
  • Click New Cash Entry to create a new cash entry.
  • Click any column heading to sort the records using that column’s data.

See "Viewing Custom Object Lists" in the Salesforce Help for more information on using list views.

Performing Cash Entry Mass Actions from List View

You can use the Cash Entries list view to perform mass actions in Lightning.

Duplicating Cash Entries through Mass Action

You can perform the duplicate mass action from the Cash Entries list view. There are default settings configured for the Duplicate action. However, you can customize it by changing the default values. For more information, see Cash Entry Duplication Scope Size custom setting field in Mass Actions Settings.

To duplicate multiple cash entries:

  1. From the App Launcher, navigate to Cash Entries.
  2. Select multiple cash entries that you want to duplicate and click Duplicate. The Duplicate Cash Entries window displays the selected cash entries.
  3. Click Duplicate. The process happens in the background and you receive a confirmation email when this process completes. The email notification contains the ID of all the duplicated cash entries. If any cash entry does not meet the criteria, then it is not included in the list and is not duplicated. The logs in the email, list the reason for the failure.

For more information on duplicating a single cash entry, see Duplicating a Cash Entry