Chart of Accounts Best Practice Structure

Note: If you are upgrading to Accounting Fall 2021 and you do not want to adopt the new Chart of Accounts Best Practice Structure, you must go to the Accounting Payments Plus feature in Feature Console and perform step 4 to transfer your current chart of accounts structure. If you do not, Payments Plus and Payment Selection will not filter the correct GLAs.

You can choose how to structure your chart of accounts. However, we recommend using the following Chart of Accounts Best Practice Structure. This is especially important if you are using Certinia Reporting, because our best practice structure ensures that the reports produced are accurate.

When setting up your general ledger accounts, we recommend you implement the reporting hierarchy shown in the table below. If you have upgraded to Accounting Summer 2023, your administrator will need to manually add these picklist values to the Trial Balance fields 1 - 3 on the General Ledger Account object and create the required dependencies. Refer to the “Upgrading Accounting” document for more information.

Trial Balance 1 Trial Balance 2 Trial Balance 3

Current Assets

Bank and Cash


Accounts Receivable
    Prepayments and Accrued Income
  Fixed Assets Land and Buildings
    Fixtures Fittings and Equipment
  Intangible Assets Intangible Assets
  Other Assets Other Assets
Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable
    Accruals and Deferred Income
    Employment Payables
    Tax Liability
    Employment Creditors
  Long Term Liabilities Payable After 1 Year
    Creditors Due After 1 Year
Equity Shareholders Funds Stock
    Capital and Reserves
  Retained Earnings Retained Earnings
Gross Profit Sales Revenue Sales Revenue
  Cost of Sales Cost of Sales
Expenses Operating Expenses Administration Costs
    Equipment Hire and Repairs
    Marketing Expenses
    Motor Expenses
    Occupation Costs
    Payroll Costs
    Professional Fees
    Staff Costs
    Travel Expenses
  Depreciation and Amortization Amortization
  Interest and Tax Finance Costs
  Other Income/Expense Other Income and Expenses

Custom Setting - GLA Filtering

You can control GLA filtering in Payment Selection and Payments Plus by allowing custom Trial Balance combinations.

Use the following format (if set as NO FILTERING all GLAs are retrieved):

  • TB1=Liabilities,TB2=Current Liabilities,TB3=Creditors,TB3=Provisions
Note: In accordance with the previous example, when using multiple selections, separate with a comma and do not add spaces.

To use custom filtering for trial balances you must enable the GLA Filtering custom setting. For more information, see Payments Plus Options.