Canceling Payments in Lightning Experience


Since you can't reverse the cancellation of a payment, you should have the check you want to cancel in your possession, or proof that it has been destroyed, before you record it as canceled. You may also want to review the invoices paid by that payment before you cancel it, to make sure that you are canceling the correct payment.

If you aren't in possession of the check, or if the payment was electronic, call your bank to initiate a stop payment. Wait until you receive confirmation of the stop payment before you cancel it.

To cancel payments on the same payment proposal:

  1. Navigate to the Vendor PaymentLightning page.
  2. Once you have located the payment proposalClosed List of the accounts and transactions you are planning to pay or collect subscriptions from, on a specified date, using a specified bank account. that contains the payments that you want to cancel, click Cancel Payment.
  3. On the Cancel Payment window, review the default undo match date/period and the default payment refund date/period. These default to the current date and the period associated with the current date. For more information on Cancel Payment Fields see Cancel Payment Fields Lightning.
  4. [Optional] You can edit the dates, but they must be valid and not blank. Tab out of a date field to update the corresponding period.
  5. [Optional] You can edit the periods, but they must be valid and not blank. A manually edited period will always override a period derived from a date.
  6. Provide a reason for the cancellation. You cannot leave this blank.
  7. Click Cancel Payment when you are ready to proceed.
  8. On the Cancel Payment - Select Payment window, select one or more accounts whose payment you want to cancel and click Next.

The payment is canceled and the payment status moves to either "Canceled" or "Part Canceled". The account status moves to "Canceled" or "Discarded" or "Paid" depending upon the account that is selected. The payment status is moved to "Part Canceled" if one or more account status is "Paid".

You are notified of the success or failure of this operation.

For more information, see About Canceling Vendor Payments in Lightning Experience.