Editing Proposals

You can add and remove transactions from the payment proposal.

To edit a proposal:

  1. Navigate to Vendor Payment Lightning page | Line Items tab for the proposed payment.
  2. Click Edit Proposal. The Edit Proposal window opens with the list of accounts and the associated transactions included in the proposal.
  3. [Optional] Click Filter icon to further filter the accounts based on criteria. For more information, see Filtering Transactions for Proposals.
  4. [Optional] You can also retrieve transactions into a proposal at this stage without using the filters. To do this, click Retrieve Transactions.

    The transactions which were not included previously are retrieved. These transactions were not included in the proposal as they did not meet the payment template requirements. The retrieved transactions are not selected. This way you can identify the transactions that were previously added and those that are retrieved. You can select the required retrieved transactions to include in the payment proposal.

  5. Add or remove accounts/transactions to/from the proposal by selecting and deselecting the checkboxes next to the accounts and transactions. However, the checkbox is disabled for payable invoices that are on hold. So, you cannot add an on hold payable invoice to a proposal.
    Note: Click icon to refresh the account and transaction list. New transactions that meet the payment template criteria are included in the list. These transactions are deselected.
  6. Click Save to save the changes to the proposal or Cancel to return to the Payment Line items tab without saving the changes.