Duplicating Sales Credit Notes

You can create sales credit notes by duplicating the existing ones. This creates new "In Progress" sales credit notes with the same information, but with a new sales credit note number. You can duplicate a sales credit note regardless of its status.

Duplicating a Single Sales Credit Note

To duplicate a single sales credit note:

  1. Navigate to the detail page for the sales credit note you want to duplicate.
  2. On the sales credit note's Lightning page, click Duplicate.

Duplicating Multiple Sales Credit Notes

To duplicate multiple sales invoices using Lightning:

  1. Click the Sales Credit Notes tab.
  2. Select a predefined view from the drop-down list to select the records to display. Alternatively, you can select Create New View to define your own list view.
  3. Use the checkboxes on the left to select the sales credit notes that you want to duplicate. We recommend selecting no more than 20 credit notes.
  4. Click Duplicate. The window for duplicating sales credit notes displays. If this button is not available, contact your administrator, or see the Salesforce Help for more information about adding buttons to list views.
  5. Check your selection and click Duplicate. The existing sales credit notes are duplicated and new sales credit notes are created with new sales credit note numbers.
  • All information from the Related tab and the Product Line tab is copied to the new sales credit notes.
  • The Transaction Number, Vendor Invoice Number, Sales Credit Note Status, Payment Status, and Outstanding Value fields are not copied to the new sales credit notes.
  • The Vendor Invoice Number is copied with the Duplicate prefix.
  • When you have more than one current company selected, you can duplicate sales credit notes for any of the currently selected companies. You do not need to change the current company. Administrators can duplicate sales credit notes for any of their user companies, regardless of their current company selection.
  • For faster processing, sales credit notes are duplicated in parallel by default. You can control this using the Parallel Document Duplication custom setting. For more information, see Mass Actions Settings