Enabling the Flexible Decimal Places Feature

  • When this feature is enabled it cannot be disabled.
  • When this feature is enabled the Salesforce currencies in the Manage Currencies tab override the existing Accounting currencies in the Accounting Currencies tab.
  • After enabling this feature any batches being posted to Accounting using third party APIs will be rejected if the batch contents contain monetary fields with incorrect decimal values. Each document has to contain decimal values that match the decimal places of the document currency.
  • Only available in multi-currency orgs.
  • Standard Salesforce rounding doesn't apply. Only round and summarize is used.
  • Compatibility with customizations made by Product Services may be limited.

The Flexible Decimal Places Feature Console page enables the Flexible Decimal Places feature so that currencies with zero decimal places are supported and reflected in Accounting.

Enabling Flexible Decimal Places

To enable the Flexible Decimal Places feature:

  1. Click the Feature Console tab.
  2. In the Features list, click Flexible Decimal Places.
  3. For each manual feature step listed, complete the tasks required. When finished click Mark as Done.
  4. For each feature step listed, click Perform. When the step has completed, the Status changes from "NOT DONE" to "DONE".
  5. When all the feature steps have been completed, turn the slider from (off) to (on).
Note: When this feature is enabled, if in Allocations the allocation currency has zero decimal places, you can only allocate Journals. Transactions cannot be allocated.
Note: The default of rounding to two decimal places is not applicable to the Japanese Yen (JPY).


In order to assist with the manual rounding process, the Accounting Expansion Pack contains the following reports in the Flexible Decimal Places Rounding Reports folder:

  • Purchase Credit Notes - Outstanding Value
  • Purchase Invoices - Outstanding Value
  • Sales Credit Notes - Outstanding Value
  • Sales Invoices - Outstanding Value
  • Transactions and their Related GLA & Dimensions

For more information about the Expansion Pack, see Administrator Setup (First Install).