Customizing Cash Matching

This topic is a summary of the steps required to customize Cash Matching. You can find more detail in the referenced topics.

Customize the Account page

If you want to launch Cash Matching from an account's detail page, you must add a custom button to your Account page layout. See Customizing Page Layouts (and Search Layouts) for more information.

Customize the Cash Matching page

Cash Matching uses field sets and custom settings to enable you to customize the content and layout of the page. You cannot hide the Paid field.

The following Transaction Line Item field sets enable you to add and arrange fields (columns) on the related transaction selection panes :

  • CashMatchingCashEntries
  • CashMatchingOtherTransactions

These field sets allow you to add standard and custom fields from the Transaction Line Item and Transaction objects only.

See Editing Field Sets and "Creating and Editing Field Sets" in the Salesforce Help for more information on using field sets.

The Cash Matching Settings custom setting also allows you to customize the Cash Matching page in the following ways:

  • Show the Analysis section by default
  • Show Discount values
  • Show Remaining values
  • Edit Write-off values

If shown, the Discount, Write-off and/or Remaining columns are displayed on the right-hand side of the Other Transactions pane, next to the Paid column. The Remaining column will be shown on the right-hand side of the Cash Entries pane as well.

See Cash Matching Settings for more information.

Adjusting the Asynch Matching Threshold

The Asynch Matching Threshold is the maximum number of transactions to process using the online method. Over this threshold the process switches to an "asynchronous" one. An asynchronous process is one that executes independently, allowing the main program to continue processing. If your accounting transactions do not include discounts you can increase this threshold to allow more transactions to run in online mode.

See Cash Matching Settings for more information.