Upgrading to Asperato Connector Summer 2023

This page describes the changes to make when upgrading to Summer 2023.

See the Upgrade Steps section under each feature for details of any action required. If you don't want to use or upgrade an optional feature, you can skip the upgrade steps for that feature. To perform upgrade steps in your org, you must be assigned administrator permissions.

See the Included in This Feature section under each feature for details of items such as objects, fields, or buttons that have been added in this release.


Where new objects, fields, or buttons have been added for a feature, we recommend that you add them to any relevant page layouts, profiles, and permission sets. For information on how to do this, see the Salesforce Help.

For information on new features and changes to existing features in Summer 2023, see New Features and Enhancements in Asperato Connector Summer 2023.

Outbound Vendor Payments

Asperato Payment Record Creation Field Mappings

Upgrade Steps

No upgrade steps are required to upgrade this feature to Summer 2023.

For more information, see Outbound Vendor Payments Field Mapping.