Editing the Conga Templates for Accounting

Use the Conga Solutions Template Builder to edit Conga templates. This section describes how to edit the check template.

Adding a Field

  1. Go to the Conga Templates tab and open the Check template.
  2. Click View and download it.
  3. Go to Conga Solutions and open the solution that you want to edit.
  4. From the Solution Components, click Edit for the DS7 parameter.
  5. Change the Parameter Value from "3" to "0", then click Update Parameter. This disables background mode and gives access to the template builder.

    You only need to update this parameter if you want to add fields. You do not update this parameter to change any existing content.

  6. Click Update Button, then Launch Composer.
  7. Open the Tools & Settings menu and click Template Builder.
  8. Click the + sign next to Master and select the field.
  9. Deselect the Include Label option, then click the right arrow.
  10. Right-click the field name and copy it.
  11. Open your check template, paste the field name, then save the Word document.
  12. Return to the Print Check PDF template and Edit the DS7 parameter again.
  13. Change the value from "0" to "3" to remove the edit option for users, then click Update Parameter, then Update Button.

Removing a Field

  1. Open your document template, for example the check template if you want to remove the check number.
  2. For check templates only, delete the PAYMENTREFE field, then save the Word document.

Saving your Changes

  1. Go to the Conga Templates app, open the check template, and click Attach File.
  2. Click Choose File and select your edited template.

Your edited template is saved as a new document at the top of the list of Notes & Attachments. Conga Solutions always uses the first template on the list. You can give your new template a more meaningful name. You can delete templates that you know you will not need in future.

Make sure that you select the correct template in the Check Template field of the account.

Editing a Currency Symbol

Your administrator must note that the Certinia Conga Connector package creates a Currency Culture field on all the objects used. This defines the currency symbol which Conga uses to format currency on the output document.

Five currency symbols are available in the templates by default: USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP.

If you only use these currencies, you do not need to make any changes.

You can edit the templates to add any of 115 currencies. See Available Currencies. You may want to edit or add a currency on these templates:

  • SUT sales invoices
  • SUT remittances
  • VAT remittances
  • Checks
  • Statements

To edit a currency, for each template you need to change every field that displays the currency, as follows:

Template Field Name Alias Number of
Check Template Normal Below Payment Date Field !Syntax Error, ! 1
Check Template A4
Check Template US
Below Payment Date field !Syntax Error, ! 1
Original Value !Syntax Error, ! 3
Discount Taken !Syntax Error, ! 3
Check Amount !Syntax Error, ! 3
Discounts Taken !Syntax Error, ! 3

Remittance SUT
Remittance VAT
Remittance Email

Payment Total !Syntax Error, ! 1
Discount Total !Syntax Error, ! 1
Original Value !Syntax Error, ! 1
Discount !Syntax Error, ! 1
Payment Value !Syntax Error, ! 1
Statement Original Amount <<OrgAmt>> 1
Sales Invoice SUT Tax Summary Table > Tax Value !Syntax Error, ! 1

  1. Go to the Conga Templates and click the Template Name for Check Template.
  2. In the Notes & Attachments section click View.
  3. Open the Word document for the template. You might also find it useful to refer to a printed version of the document.
  4. Select the field that displays the currency. This is a merge field, and the whole field is shaded gray when you select it.
  5. Copy the grayed area of the field and paste it into a new Word document.
  6. Select the field, right-click, then select Toggle Field Codes. All available currencies are displayed.  For example, the currency culture for Australian dollars is en-AU with a $ sign in this line:
  7. Overwrite one of the currencies. For example, to change Australian dollars to New Zealand dollars, replace en-AU with en-NZ. To change Australian dollars to Brazilian real, replace en-AU with pt-BR and $ with R$.
  8. Select the whole field, then right-click and select Toggle Field Codes.
  9. Copy the field again, and paste it into your template Word document, replacing the original field. Make sure that you replace the text in the same place and retain the template formatting.
  10. Save the document.
  11. Click Attach File to upload the document to the template.

Editing Currency Denomination on Checks

This section describes how to change the currency wording on checks. The example shows how to change "dollars" to "pounds". It is likely that every Bank Account will issue its own check stock and therefore require a different template to print on that check stock. Ensure that the default currency on your check template is the same as the Bank Account currency. Check templates are delivered with dollars set as the default currency. To change this to GBP currency, for example:

  1. Go to the Conga Templates and click the Template Name for Check Template.
  2. In the Notes & Attachments section click View.
  3. Save the Word document on your device then open it.
  4. Select all the text, then right-click for menu options, and click Toggle Field Codes.
  5. Select the whole field and click Edit | Replace.
  6. Type "Dollars" in the Find field and "Pounds" in the Replace field and click Replace All.
  7. Click Toggle Field Codes then save the template.
  8. Go back to the check template and click Attach File.
  9. Click Choose File and select your edited template. The template is added to the top of the list of Notes & Attachments and is used by Conga Solutions.

Your check stock might include the words "dollars" and "cents". If so, you need to edit the template to remove these words.