Additional Setup to Print Checks and Remittances from Payments Plus

You must have Conga Integration V2, or later installed to print checks and remittances from Payments Plus.

Activate Payments Plus Conga Printing

Check that you have activated Payments Plus Conga Printing in the custom setting Payments Plus Options.

Note: In Payments Plus you can only print preprinted checks. If you are using blank checks you must post and match your payments in Payments Plus first, and then print your checks using Conga.

Payments Plus can keep track of the check and remittance printing history. This might be useful for audit purposes. To use this functionality, you must:

  • Enable check and remittance printing history
  • Update the Print Check PDF and Print Remittance PDF buttons

Enable Check and Remittance Printing History

If you are an administrator, for purposes such as auditing you can keep track of the check and remittance printing history. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Select Setup | Create | Objects. Using Lightning ExperienceClosedClick and select Setup.
  2. In the Label column click Payment. Using Lightning ExperienceClosedSelect the Object Manager tab and use the Quick Find box to search for Payment. Click Payment.
  3. Scroll down to the section Custom Fields & Relationships. Click Set History Tracking. Using Lightning ExperienceClosedClick Fields & Relationships. Click Set History Tracking.
  4. In the Track Old and New Values section, for checks select Checks Print Date and Checks Printed. For electronic select Remittances Print Date and Remittances Printed.
  5. Click Save.

A history of your check and remittance printing will now be saved. In the payment detail see the section titled Activity History.

Update the Print Check PDF and Print Remittance PDF Buttons

Follow the additional steps below which will ensure the fields are populated each time the checks and remittances are printed.

You must manually update the following two button URLs:

  • Print Check PDF
  • Print Remittance PDF

To update the button URLs:

  1. Go to Setup | Build | Create | Objects | Payment and click Buttons, Links, and Actions.
  2. Click Edit next to the Print Check PDF or Print Remittance PDF button.
  3. Add the additional parameters below to the end of the current button URL.
  4. Click Save.

Additional Parameters:

  • Print Check PDF button
  • Print Remittance PDF button