Embedding Engagement Analytics Dashboards

The Engagement Analytics app contains four dashboards that you can embed in the engagement record page. This allows your users to easily view all the relevant analytics data related to the engagement that they are viewing. Foundations contains a template that you can use to build a custom record page. The template uses a predefined layout and placeholder text to help you embed the dashboard in the recommended sections of the page. For more information, see Setting up the Engagement Functionality.

The following table lists the Engagement Analytics dashboards, their recommended location within the record page, and the suggested height of the Analytics Dashboard component.


Depending on how you set up your Engagement Analytics app, some dashboards might not be available. In that case, we recommend removing the relevant tab from the Lightning record page.

Dashboards, Recommended Location, and Component Height


Location in the Record Page

Component Height

Engagement Overview Page header, below the compact layout 75
Engagement Services Services tab 770
Engagement Subscriptions Subscriptions tab 770
Engagement Summary Summary tab 770
Order Management Order Management tab 840

The Order Management dashboard is included in your Financial Analytics app.

See the sections below for steps on adding the dashboards to the record page.