Enabling Accounting Integration

This Feature Console page integrates Fixed Asset Management with Accounting.


We recommend enabling this feature if you are using Foundations messaging between Fixed Asset Management and Accounting, which has been deprecated in Spring 2023 and will be removed in a future release. The Accounting Integration feature enables you to transition to the new integration between Fixed Asset Management and Accounting.


Accounting Integration does not support custom field mappings provided by Foundations Messaging. If you enable the Accounting Integration feature, Fixed Asset Management will stop using the existing custom mappings.

Work through the steps in the order shown.

  • For each automatic step, click Perform. When the step has completed, the Status changes from “Not Done” to “Done”.
  • For each manual step, follow the instructions on screen, then click Mark As Done when the step is complete. More information about performing the manual steps is provided below.

When you have completed all the steps, use the Status slider in the Feature section to enable the feature.

Manually Assign Permissions

Assign the following permission sets to the relevant users as required:

  • FAM - Accounting Fields - Edit
  • FAM - Business Analytics Fields - Read
  • FAM - Journal Fields - Read

Manually Assign Page Layouts

Assign the following new layouts to the relevant user profiles to allow access to Accounting fields:

  • FFA Asset Group Layout
  • FFA Asset Sub-Group Layout
  • FFA Depreciation Schedule Layout
  • FFA Fixed Asset Layout

If you have custom layouts, you must update them manually.

For more information about assigning layouts to users, see the Salesforce Help.

Manually Update Validation Rules

Update or remove the GLA validation rules included in the Fixed Asset object to avoid validating the old GLA fields. For more information about removing or updating validation rules, see the Salesforce Help.