Preparing to Upgrade

This section lists things to consider before upgrading to Financial Report Builder Summer 2023.

Dependencies on Other Certinia Packages

The following packages are required to provide the data required by Financial Report Builder. You must install these packages before upgrading:

Required Certinia Products for Financial Report Builder

Certinia Product



Foundations Summer 2023  
Accounting Fall 2022  
Financial Statements Fall 2021 Either of these packages can be used to provide data for use in Financial Report Builder
Business Analytics Fall 2021

The Spring 2022 releases of Financial Statements and Business Analytics are dependent on the Spring 2022 release of Accounting.

Supported Browsers

Foundations Fall 2021 supports the same browsers that Salesforce supports. For detailed information about supported browsers, see the Salesforce Help.


Ensure popup blockers are turned off for Salesforce in your browser settings.