Adding Custom Mappings from the FDN Mappings Component

In some circumstances, you can add custom mappings via the FDN Mappings component.

Depending on the configuration for the specific mapping scenario, when creating custom mappings, the following options might be restricted:

  • Creating custom mappings of specific types, such as static or advanced lookup
  • Overriding managed mappings with custom mappings
  • Creating or assigning target child types to child mappings
  • Disabling custom mappings

To view and manage mappings using this component, you need to be assigned the FDN Core - Mapping permission set.

To add mappings:

  1. Navigate to the Lightning page that displays the FDN Mappings component that contains the relevant mappings process.
  2. Complete one of the following steps:
    • Add a top-level mapping, click Add Mapping.
    • Add a mapping to an existing child relationship, click in the child relationship row and click Add Child Mapping.
  3. If required, specify a name that identifies the data. Mapping names are unique within their section of the mapping hierarchy. If a mapping already exists with the same name, a number is appended to the new mapping name when you save, for example, (1).
  4. Select a source type to define the type of data being published and complete the relevant steps.
  5. Select an appropriate target type based on the source type you selected.

    You can only select targets that you have permission to edit.

  6. [For Child Mappings Only] Select a target child type or enter the name of a new target child type. If blank, the mapping is assigned the Default target child type. For more information about target child types, see Splitting Source Data into Multiple Target Records.
  7. Specify whether you want to save the mapping or save the mapping and create a new mapping. Typically, the button name is Save or Save & New. In some cases, components, the button names might have been overridden. For more information, see the Help relating to your specific use of the FDN Mappings component.