Analysis Items Overview

Analysis items in Foundations enable you to categorize and centralize common business data in your org. If your org stores data for the same reportable categories across several different objects and apps, analysis items can help you to:

  • Create and maintain reportable values centrally
  • Reduce the number of licenses required in your org

You can create analysis items for any categories relevant to your business, such as Cost Center or Industry Type, and select values related to them on any object.

You can use analysis mappings functionality in combination with the following features:

  • Analysis mappings, which provides filtered lookups in a Lightning component that you can add to any Lightning record page
  • App-specific features, such as the Billing Document to Accounting Transaction integration, which automatically creates financial transactions in Accounting

Analysis item categories are defined by record types on the Analysis Item object. Each analysis item record stores details for a specific value in the associated category.

To store an analysis item value on a record, a lookup must exist on that object. Lookups to the Analysis Item object are filtered to ensure that the values available to add to the record are relevant to the appropriate analysis item record type.

Some Certinia apps provide specific analysis items data by default. For more information, see the individual app's Help.