Tax Breakdown Overview

Tax breakdown records store sales and use tax details by jurisdiction for specific billing document line items. If you use Billing Central and Avalara AvaTax to calculate tax on billing documents, tax breakdown records are created automatically. If you are calculating tax for a very large billing document, you will be notified when tax breakdown records have been created.

You can view tax breakdown details from the Tax Jurisdiction Breakdown related list on Billing Document and on Billing Document Line Item. You can review the information in these records before completing your billing documents.

If you want to review tax breakdown details, but not store them after the billing document is complete, you can delete them. We recommend that you delete these records from the Tax Jurisdiction Breakdown related list on the billing document.

If you do not want to create tax breakdown records automatically, you can disable this process in Billing Central. If you disable this process and recalculate tax on a billing document that already contains tax breakdown records, the tax breakdown records are deleted. See the Billing Central Help for more information.

Permission to view, edit, and delete tax breakdown records is provided with the FDN Common Concepts - Billing Documents permission sets.