Using the Engagement Timeline

The Engagement Timeline Lightning component displays the sources of an engagement in a timeline view. This allows you to see when specific segments of the engagement start, how long they take, and when they end. The component is included in the engagement record page by default.

Click Timeline to expand or collapse the component.

Revenue Streams and Engagement Sources

The timeline is populated from the Engagements dataset in your Engagement Analytics app. Engagement sources are grouped in the timeline by revenue stream. The following table lists the revenue streams and the engagement source objects in the context of the timeline. Depending on how your org is set up, some revenue streams might not be available.

Engagement Timeline Revenue Streams and Source Objects

Revenue Stream

Source Object

Required Certinia Application

Services Project PSA
Subscriptions Billing Contract Billing Central
Order Management Sales Order Order and Inventory Management

In the timeline, click the name of a revenue stream to collapse or expand all the source records that it contains. You can also click the name of a source to open its record page.

Use the search box to view only the sources with a specific name. As you start typing, the timeline refreshes to only display the sources that contain your input in the name.

When you hover over a source in the timeline, the name of the source, its reference number, start date, and end date display.

Time Ranges and Zoom Levels

By default, the timeline displays a time range starting on the earliest start date across all sources and ending on the last end date across all sources.

Use the following options to adjust the view and navigate through the timeline:

  • Zoom level picklist - enables you to change the zoom level. You can select one of the following options: "Months", "Quarters", or "Years". When you change the selection, the timeline automatically refreshes.
  • Time range date picker - enables you to change the start and end dates of the time range displayed in the timeline. Click and select the start date (From) and the end date (To). When you change the selection, the timeline automatically refreshes.
  • Back and forward buttons - if the time range is too wide to fit on your screen, you can click or to scroll horizontally through the timeline.
  • Today button - enables you to easily see today's date in the timeline. Note that, if the current time range doesn't include today's date, clicking Today automatically expands the time range.