Sequencing Overview

You can create and customize number sequence formats that can be used as reference numbers for records in your applications. This enables you to easily apply sequence numbers to multiple records at once. For example, you can create a custom number sequence format to apply a unique number to each billing document.

You can specify the way in which sequence numbers are formatted using the Sequences subtab on the Foundations Setup page.

When creating a sequencing format, you can specify:

  • The data you want to include and the order in which the data appears in the generated sequence number
  • The target field that stores the generated sequence number
  • The starting value and length of the sequence number
  • Whether to only generate sequence numbers for records that contain specific data
  • Whether to reset the sequence number in some circumstances, for example, you can reset the sequence number based on the year displayed in a date field
  • Whether to hide data from the generated sequence number

When you have created your sequence format, you can use the Scheduled Jobs subtab on the Foundations Setup page to run or schedule the Generate Sequences job.