Preflight Checks

A preflight checks run automatically at specific times before a scheduled upgrade commences to ensure the org is prepared for the upgrade.

The preflight checks page displays the date and time the last preflight check was run. The time displayed is the customer org local timezone.

The preflight check ensures the customer org custom relationships limit is not exceeded during the scheduled update.


You must access the System Administrator page within the Foundations workspace to enable the preflight check to run.

When an update schedule is selected, the name and contact details of the user are associated with the Salesforce scheduled update job. A user’s status might change to inactive, for example if they leave the company.
When a user who has selected a update schedule becomes inactive in the customer Salesforce org, the administrator who changes the user status will become the Salesforce contact for the update schedule job. The update schedule job will cancel automatically and restart with the new Salesforce contact details.

What is checked?

The following limit is checked during the preflight check:

The Custom Object Relationship Limit

Custom Object relationships link objects with each other so that when you view a record you can also see the related data.

Each Salesforce object can have a maximum of 40 custom relationships, including Master-Detail and Lookup.

40 custom relationships per Salesforce object is the default value. The limit can be increased to 50 by request.

Before Certinia scheduled updates are installed in a customer org, the preflight check is carried out by the system to ensure the custom relationship limits are not exceeded when the scheduled update is performed.

The custom relationship limit is determined by the custom object allocation for the customer org.

Retrieving Limits From the Customer Org

The custom relationship limits are retrieved from the customer org each day at 00:30 in the customer's timezone.

For more information on Salesforce custom relationships, see the Salesforce help.

Exceeding the Custom Relationship Limit

Custom relationship limits might be exceeded during a preflight check when:

  • The total number of custom relationships before upgrade plus any added to the new version of a Certinia package exceeds the limit.
  • The total number of custom relationships plus any added by the customer between versions of Certinia packages plus any added to the new version of a Certinia package exceeds the limit.

Running the Preflight Check

The preflight check runs automatically before the scheduled update commences as follows:

  • Seven days before
  • Four days before
  • One day before

Notification of Issues Found During a Preflight Check

If issues are found following a preflight check, a warning banner displays on the updates and product versions section of the system admin workspace. You can access details by navigating to the preflight checks page.

Following the completion of the preflight checks, one of the following notifications will display on the preflight checks page:

  • Success: Your org is ready for the scheduled upgrade.
  • Error: Your org is not ready for the scheduled upgrade. Issues were found that will make the upgrade fail. These issues must be fixed before the scheduled upgrade.

Warning: Issues found that must be fixed before the scheduled upgrade. If an org is in an error state that will prevent the upgrade completing the system will cancel the scheduled upgrade.


Preflight check notifications display technical data associated with Salesforce standard objects and Certinia custom object relationships. No customer data contained in fields associated with Salesforce standard object or Certinia custom object relationships is displayed in preflight check notifications.

A failure of the preflight check initiates a notification on the customer org scheduled update case.

The notification is one of the following:

  • The preflight check failed.
  • The preflight check passes following an initial failure. A case comment is created.
  • The PPreq (Portfolio Push request) is Cancelled.

When a preflight check is initiated manually a notification displays on the upgrade case to register that the preflight check was manually initiated, regardless of the result of the preflight check.

The Preflight Check Failed

A case comment is created. The notification lists the errors found during the preflight check.

The Preflight Check Passes Following an Initial Failure

The notification advises the preflight check ran successfully after an initial failure.

The PPreq is Cancelled

If the update couldn’t be performed because a preflight check failed within 24 hours of the scheduled start of the update, the PPreq will be cancelled. Contact the NPI team to schedule another update.


When a preflight check passes there is no requirement to create a notification on the scheduled update case.

Action Following a Preflight Check Failure

When a preflight check fails, remedial action can include the following:

  • Carrying out org housekeeping to reduce the number of custom object relationships.
  • Request the Salesforce custom relationships limit is increased.

The preflight check failure notification will contain details of which objects should be the focus of any remedial action.

Manual Preflight Checks

You can run preflight checks manually rather than wait for the scheduled preflight checks to run automatically. For more information, see Launch the Preflight Checks Manually.