Tax Calculation Settings

Use these settings on the Tax Calculation Settings tab to change the behavior of the connections between Foundations and the Avalara AvaTax tax calculation service.

Integration Settings

Field Description
Connection URLClosed Uniform Resource Locator. A link to a web page or resource.

The URL to use when connecting to the Avalara AvaTax tax calculation service.

The following are the Avalara AvaTax connection URL details for different connection types in Avalara AvaTax sandbox and production environments:

  • REST 2.0
    • Sandbox environment -
    • Production environment -
  • Legacy REST
    • Sandbox environment -
    • Production environment -
Disable Commit Indicates whether committing data to the external tax service is prevented. This overrides the document commit service to enable you to prevent documents from committing values to Avalara AvaTax.
Enable External Tax Calculation

Indicates whether tax is calculated using the Avalara AvaTax tax calculation service.


If you are automatically calculating tax on billing documents using Avalara AvaTax, you must disable the automation before disabling this. For more information, see "Setting up the Automation of Billing Central Processes" in the Billing Central Help.

If you have made changes on this page and want to restore the settings from the server, click Restore from Server.

Provider Authentication Settings

Key: The number indicates the number of characters that are allowed in this text field, where appropriate.

Field Description
Account Number The account number to be used to connect with the Avalara AvaTax tax calculation service.
License Key The access key or password to use to connect to the Avalara AvaTax tax calculation service.

To test the connection with the tax calculation service, click Test Connection.


Button or Link Description
Restore from Server Restores the settings on the Tax Calculation Settings tab to the saved values on your Salesforce orgClosed Salesforce organization.
Save Saves the tax calculation settings. If Enable External Tax Calculation is selected, changes can only be saved if the connection settings are valid.
Test Connection Allows you to test the connection between Foundations and Avalara AvaTax. This validates that the Account, License Key, Service URL, and Company Code have been set correctly and saves the information if validation is successful.