Managing Certinia In-App Guidance

You can manage Certinia in-app guidance using by doing the following:

  • Activating and deactivating
  • Cloning and customizing
  • Controlling the visibility of prompts to your users

For steps on how to perform each of these actions, see Define Prompts in Lightning Experience in the Salesforce Help.

Activating and Deactivating In-App Guidance

By default, most Certinia in-app guidance is set to inactive. Depending on your business needs, you can activate or deactivate Certinia in-app guidance as required.

Cloning and Customizing In-App Guidance

You can customize the packaged Certinia in-app guidance by cloning it and editing the relevant details of the copy.

  • When you clone a Certinia walkthrough it is then a custom walkthrough. You can have an up to three custom walkthroughs active in your org for free. For more information, see Define Walkthroughs in Lightning Experience in the Salesforce Help.

Controlling Visibility of In-App Guidance

You can amend the schedule and visibility of Certinia in-app guidance for users by editing it and using profiles or permissions.

If you update a prompt or walkthrough, or install a Certinia package with updated in-app guidance, you must reset the metrics tracking for the in-app guidance. This ensures that users see the in-app guidance again if they have previously dismissed or completed it, provided the following conditions apply:

  • The end date set for the in-app guidance has not expired.
  • The in-app guidance is set to active.

For more information, see Monitor In-App Guidance in Lightning Experience in the Salesforce Help.