Setting up Intelligence Analytics Apps

Refer to the following table and its linked pages for information related to:

  • Licensing and permission sets
  • Supported environment
  • Prerequisites and configuration
  • How to generate apps

You must be signed in as an administrator, or equivalent, to complete these tasks.

We recommend that you complete the task in the order shown.

When you create an Intelligence Analytics app, you must include Accounting data via Financial Analytics. Depending on your choice, the Intelligence Analytics app is dependent on your existing Financial Analytics apps.

Steps to Set up Intelligence Analytics


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Select the Enable Data Sync and Connections checkbox from Setup in Feature Settings | Analytics | Analytics | Settings.

See the Salesforce Help.

Ensure that your Financial Analytics app is properly set up and that it contains the Financial Transactions and Financial Matching datasets.

3 To create the Cash Flow Forecast - Intelligence dashboard, perform the required setup tasks. Setting up Cash Flow Forecast - Intelligence Dashboard
4 Assign the required licenses and permission sets to yourself and other administrator users.
5 Assign the required licenses and permission sets to users who need to view Intelligence Analytics dashboards.
6 Set up the prediction definition that you associate with your Intelligence Analytics app. Setting up Days to Pay Models
7 Run the configuration wizard. Creating an App from the Intelligence Analytics Template

Update your datasets by scheduling the data refresh.

We recommend chaining the sequence as follows:

  1. Data sync, if it is enabled in your org.
  2. Financial Analytics recipe.
  3. Financial Analytics dataflow.

If you chain the subsequent steps to run after the initial step, you must only schedule the initial step. This ensures that your data is always up to date.

Creating an App from the Intelligence Analytics Template