Creating Payable Invoices from All Eligible AP Vouchers

You can create payable invoices from all eligible AP vouchers by clicking Create from AP Vouchers on the Payable Invoices list view. This might be useful if you want to export all the relevant AP vouchers to Accounting at once but prefer not to schedule recurring jobs.

An AP voucher is eligible for this process when all the following are true:

  • The AP voucher has been matched.
  • The Export Status field on the AP voucher record is not set to "Exported" or "Export in Process".

To create payable invoices from all eligible AP vouchers:

  1. Navigate to the Payable Invoices tab.
  2. From the list view, click Create from AP Vouchers. The payable invoices are created in the background.

Depending on how your org is set up, you might receive an email and a Salesforce notification. The notification contains information about the number of payable invoices that were created successfully and the number of errors, if any. The email contains a list of payable invoices that were created and the AP vouchers that they were created from. If any errors occurred, the email also provides a list of errors. If email and Salesforce notifications are not enabled in your org, you can review the AP vouchers with the Export Status field set to "Export Error". You can create a list view for the AP Voucher object that filters records with an error and displays the Export Error field. This field provides more information about why the payable invoice could not be created.