Setting up Automatic Document Creation

Order and Inventory Management – Accounting Connector enables you to streamline the document creation process. This can save your users from performing additional repetitive steps and prevent creating Accounting documents by mistake.

Each integration can be automated using the default criteria or custom criteria. The default criteria rely on existing standard Order and Inventory Management processes, such as matching an AP voucher. Alternatively, you can define custom criteria using a checkbox or a formula checkbox field on the source object. If the default criteria are met and the checkbox field is selected, the document is automatically created.

Default Criteria

You can enable the automation from the OIM – Accounting Connector Admin page.

Default Criteria
Flow Process
AP Vouchers to Payable Invoices When matching an AP voucher.
AP Voucher Credits to Payable Credit Notes When creating an AP voucher credit by voiding or crediting an AP voucher that was exported to Accounting.
OIM Invoices to Sales Invoices When the shipment related to an inventory invoice is completed.
When billing a drop ship sales order.
Credit Invoices to Sales Credit Notes When crediting or voiding an invoice.
Inventory Transactions to Journals When an eligible inventory transaction perpetual record is created.

Custom Criteria

Instead of only using the default criteria, you might want to have more control over which documents are created automatically. You can do this by creating a checkbox or a formula checkbox field on the source object.

Example: AP Vouchers

You might process a high number of purchase orders daily. The majority of those are shipped from local suppliers to your headquarters. However, you also do business with foreign suppliers. In addition, your organization has recently expanded to another country where it now has a subsidiary. To streamline the process, you want all AP vouchers that are shipped to your headquarters, belong to your main Accounting company, and are in your corporate currency to be automatically sent to Accounting when the AP voucher is matched. You want to manually review all foreign AP vouchers, as well as the AP vouchers that belong to your subsidiary, before they are processed by Accounting.

To achieve this, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new formula checkbox field on the AP Voucher object. You can give it any name you want, for example, Create Payable Invoice When Matched.
  2. For the formula, enter the logic according to your business requirements. For example,
    SCMC__Purchase_Order__r.SCMC__Ship_To_Warehouse__r.Name = "HQ", 
    SCMC__Purchase_Order__r.SCMFFA__Company__r.Name = "Headquarters", 
    SCMC__Purchase_Order__r.SCMFFA__Accounting_Currency__r.Name = "USD"
  3. Open the OIM – Accounting Connector Admin tab.
  4. Expand the AP Voucher to Payable Invoice section.
  5. For Automatically Create Payable Invoices, select "Custom Criteria".
  6. For Custom Criteria Field, select the field that you created. For example, "Create Payable Invoice When Matched".
  7. Click Save.

If your business requirements change in the future, you can edit the formula accordingly. For more information about formula fields, see the Salesforce Help.