AP Vouchers

You can use AP vouchersClosed An Accounts Payable voucher is used to control payments to suppliers and service providers. to control payments to suppliers and service providers. AP vouchers can be created for internal purchase ordersClosed A purchase order for items that will become inventory. and drop shipClosed A retail supply chain management technique where the seller does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. purchases. They enable the accounts payable department to organize the documentation and approvals required to authorize payments to suppliers and service providers. You can have multiple AP vouchers for each purchase order if the purchase order items are received at different times.

The accounts payable department receives an invoice from a supplier for goods or services. The information on the supplier invoice is used to create an AP voucher for the acquisition.

An AP voucher has following record types:

Record Type Description
Open The AP voucher has not been received or matched.
Received The AP voucher has been received but not matched.

The AP voucher has been matched.

AP Voucher Matching

An AP voucher can be matched as follows:

Match type Description
Two way match

The two way match is used for drop ship orders where there is a purchase order and a supplier invoice, but because the item is delivered to a customer or a supplier there is no receipt.

Three way match The 3 way match is used for internal purchases where there is a purchase order, a supplier invoice and a receipt.

You can select lines from multiple purchase orders to voucher them in a single transaction and then match them.

The AP Vouchers Tab

You can create AP vouchers from the AP vouchers home page. You can filter recent AP vouchers by:

  • All
  • Received and Matched Invoices.
  • Received but not Matched Invoices.

Voiding an AP Voucher

You can void an AP voucher and re-voucher to address errors on the AP voucher.

Crediting an AP Voucher

You can credit an AP voucher line after your supplier has issued a credit. The credit amount is deducted from the corresponding purchase order line. The status of the purchase order remains closed which prevents a re-voucher of the purchase order.

Accounting Connector

If you use Accounting and Order and Inventory Management – Accounting Connector is installed in your org, you can create sales invoices in Accounting from invoices in Order and Inventory Management. For more information, see AP Vouchers to Payable Invoices.

AP Vouchers with Lines for Category Purchase Order Line Items

AP voucher lines for purchase order line items of type "Category" are always exported to Accounting as payable invoice expense lines.

Note: AP voucher lines for category purchase order line items are never exported as payable invoice product lines. Any value that you specify in the Item Being Procured field of a category purchase order line item is ignored when exporting the corresponding AP voucher to Accounting.

The general ledger account assigned to the payable invoice expense line is the account in the Purchase Analysis GLA for Category field of the product group that is being used as a category on the purchase order line associated with the AP voucher line. Always ensure an account has been specified in the Purchase Analysis GLA for Category field of the product group that is being used as a category, otherwise you will get an export error when exporting AP vouchers to Accounting.