Sourcing Requests

A sourcing request is a request for pricing and delivery information that you send to a supplier for an item that is to be procured. There are three solicitation types that you can choose from, depending on the type of response you want from the supplier:

  • RFQ: Request For Quote
  • RFP: Request For Proposal
  • RFI: Request For Information

A sourcing request contains one or more lines that determine the items you want the procurement information for.

Sourcing Request Line Types

There are several types of sourcing request lines that you can add to a sourcing request depending on the type of goods or services that you want to request for.

Sourcing Request Line Type

Item Use this sourcing line type to source items that are defined in the Item Master.
Capital Equipment This sourcing line type is a request for capital equipment.
Contractor Use this sourcing line type for a contract service. There is no receiving process involved with this type.
Description Use this sourcing line type to purchase something based on the description.
Service This sourcing line type is for outside services (for example, a part is sent to the supplier, it is serviced, and returned through receiving).
Supplier Catalogue Use this sourcing line type to request items from a known supplier catalogue.

Supplier RFQ

You send a sourcing request to a supplier in the form of a Supplier RFQClosed Request for Quote. When you receive a response from a supplier, you can create sourcing response records to record the information that came back from the supplier. You can associate sourcing response records with a customer quotation.

Sourcing Request Workflow

The sourcing request workflow is as follows:

  1. Sourcing request is created.
  2. Sourcing request lines are created.
  3. Supplier RFQ is created, either from the Supplier RFQs related list or using the Source Requirements button.
  4. Requests are delivered to all suppliers in the supplier RFQs associated with the sourcing request using the Deliver All Requests button.
  5. A sourcing response per supplier RFQ is automatically generated.
  6. Information for the sourcing responses is entered.
  7. Sourcing responses from the different suppliers are evaluated using the Evaluate Supplier Responses button.
  8. A purchase order is created from the preferred sourcing response.
Note: The purchase order created from the sourcing request response can only contain line items of type Item or Service.