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On the Inventory tab you can manage the available inventoryClosed Stock. Products or services that are available to buy or items that form part of a product or service. Where the item is tangible such as hardware, that item may be held in a warehouse as stock, or ordered directly from a supplier when a customer places an order. for an item masterClosed The record of a product or a service which is to be sold and/or stocked in a warehouse. An item master might also be referred to as a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). at each of your ICPClosed Inventory Control Point. A distribution center or place around the globe that inventory items are controlled from. An ICP may have one or more warehouses.s and warehouses. Actions you can carry out include:


If you want to change the condition, current value, costs, or ownership of items in the inventory you must do so using the Inventory Adjustment tab.