Product Group Fields

Product groups enable you to organize item masters into logical groups and assign them to a particular sales representative. Your administrator can set up product groups on the Codes tab. Here is a description of the fields on the Product Group object.

Key: * – Mandatory field

Field Name   Description
Allow Accrual for Intangible  

Indicates whether items in the product group can be accrued for intangible items. When selected, it allows for accrual of intangible items and generates transactions such as ITPR and ITFR records for intangible items when creating a receipt.

  • The field is independent of the selection of the Intangible Product field.
  • Intangible items are not stocked allocated or shipped.

By default, it is deselected.

Asset Group   A logical grouping of fixed assets. Examples of asset groups include facility equipment, information technology or vehicles. Asset groups determine the appropriate groupings to use in Fixed Asset Management.
Asset Sub-Group   A further grouping of fixed assets. For example, if you have the asset group information technology, you might create asset-sub groups of printers, copiers and employee computing. Asset sub groups along with asset groups determine the appropriate groupings to use in Fixed Asset Management.
Category   If selected, the product group is considered a category. This adds the product group to the list of categories available for selection when you create a purchase order line item of type Category.
Description   Description of the product group.
Elements of Cost   Element of cost assigned to the product group to track costs by product group.
IntangibleClosed In the context of Order and Inventory Management, this refers to a service or license that is sold rather than a physical product sat on a shelf. Product   Indicates whether the items in the group are stored in inventory. When selected, this indicates that items in the group are not stored in inventory such as service, licenses, labor or embedded software.

Intangible items can still be sold on an inventory type sales order.

Product   Lookup to the product associated with this product group.
Product Group Name * Name of the product group.
Revenue Category   Revenue category to which this product group totals.

Sales Tax


  Tax code from the codes tab to be associated with this product group.

If your organization uses the Order and Inventory Management Direct for Avalara, see the Avalara Tax Code field.

Extension Packages That Add Fields to the Product Group Object

Several Certinia extension packages add fields and buttons to the Product Group object. For more information, follow the relevant links.

Extension Packages

Extension Package

Further Information

Order and Inventory Management – Accounting Connector Product Group Fields