Customer Quotations

A customer quotation is the basis for a service contract or a sales order. A customer quotation enables you to calculate the price to quote a customer for products or services you propose to supply to them. If Advanced Quoting is installed on your Salesforce org, you can create a customer quotation from a Salesforce opportunity that has not yet been set to the stage Closed Lost or Closed Won.

In a service contract customer quotation you can quote recurring and non recurring fees for tangible and intangible items. You can create these types of customer quotations for a service contract:

Quotation Type Description
Service ContractClosed On standard service contracts, the number of service terms on an ordinary service contract determines the number of terms on each service contract line. A service contract where the contract line items have the same billing interval and start and end date.
Flexible Term Service ContractClosed A flexible term service contract is a type of service contract that has lines with different start and end dates. You can change the term lengths for each service contract line within the contract so that billing can take place at different intervals to the contract terms. The number of terms in a flexible term service contract line determines the total fees for that line. The fees for each line are rolled-up to the parent service contract. For instance, a flexible term service contract might have two lines, one for 12 months and one for 24 months. Changing the number of terms in the parent service contract has no effect on the fees, total contract value and the number of service terms on the service contract lines. By contrast, the number of service terms on an ordinary service contract determines the number of terms on each service contract line. A service contract where you can create contract line items with different billing intervals and start and end dates.
Change Request Closed A change request is used to make changes to an active service contract. You can change service terms, price type, contract dates, billing and address information and also modify or cancel existing service contract lines and create new service contract lines. Once the change request has been approved it can be applied to the service contract and the changes will be incorporated. A quotation resulting from a change to a service contract. Start and end dates for each contract line are the same.
Change Request Flex Term A quotation where the term type and number of terms is specified at line level and overrides the header values.

Select Change Request Flex Term if you want to input different service terms for each line of the contract.

You can create these types of customer quotation for a sales order:

Field Description
Drop ShipClosed A retail supply chain management technique where the seller does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

A quotation for items to be drop shipped.

Inventory Closed Stock. Products or services that are available to buy or items that form part of a product or service. Where the item is tangible such as hardware, that item may be held in a warehouse as stock, or ordered directly from a supplier when a customer places an order. A quotation for items sold from inventory.