Viewing Mappings

You can view the mappings for each flow from the PSA – Accounting Connector Admin page.


The following steps only apply in Lightning and if PSA – Accounting Connector is running in enhanced modeClosed When PSA – Accounting Connector runs in enhanced mode, it uses the improved mechanism introduced starting with Spring 2021. This includes better flow execution performance and a modern user experience. Enhanced mode is enabled when the Run Integration in Enhanced Mode field in the PSA – Accounting Connector Settings custom setting is selected..

To view the mappings for a flow:

  1. Open the PSA – Accounting Connector Admin page.
  2. In the PSA – Accounting Connector Mappings section, click Manage Mappings. For a list of the available options, see Foundations Mappings for PSA – Accounting Connector.
  3. Select the flow that you want to view the mappings for.
  4. Click Manage Mappings.

The dedicated page for the flow displays in a new tab. From this page, you can:

  • View the source and target objects.
  • View the source and target fields for each mapping.
  • Add custom mappings.
  • Override the default (managed) mappings.
  • Depending on the flow, view and customize the return mappings.

For more information about adding a custom mapping or overriding an existing mapping, see Adding Custom Mappings.