Managing Business Records

You can move, edit and delete business records among regions, practices, groups, projects and resources, even after the business records have been included in financials.

On the timecards, expense reports, expenses, milestones, budgets and miscellaneous adjustments business records you can edit these fields:

  • Project
  • Resource
  • Assignment
  • Milestone
  • Date

To edit the fields, you must select the Admin Global Edit checkbox on the business record type. Your administrator may have hidden this checkbox to ensure that only authorized users can make these changes. In addition, the Actuals Scheduled mode must be set to Scheduled to update the fields or to move the business records among regions, practices, groups, projects and resources.

The default configuration prevents you from deleting assignments, milestones and projects with child records.


You must add an audit note to a business record if you make any changes to it after it has been included in financials.

We do not recommend deleting a project that has billings or time entered against it. Where this is the case you can deactivate the project by deselecting its Active checkbox.