Creating Miscellaneous Adjustments

  • The main procedure is for users of record pages supplied by Certinia from Fall 2020.
  • From Fall 2020, if you are not using the pages supplied by Certinia, your administrator can add the PSA Actions: Project Financials component to the project record page.

To create a miscellaneous adjustmentClosed A catch-all business record that allows you to correct data entry errors or adjust transactions.:

  1. On a project record, click Actions | Project Financials | New Miscellaneous Adjustment. The New Miscellaneous Adjustment window opens. Using Classic:Closed On the Miscellaneous Adjustments tab, click New, or on the Miscellaneous Adjustments related list, click New Miscellaneous Adjustment. The New Miscellaneous Adjustment page opens.
  2. Complete the fields described in Miscellaneous Adjustment Fields.
  3. Click Save.

    The miscellaneous adjustment is applied to the projectClosed A collection of activities and related items to be managed over a defined time range, such as timecards, expenses, milestones and budgets. and related RPGClosed Abbreviation of region, practice, group.roll-upClosed Term used to describe how a lower level figure or transaction is included in a higher level transaction or calculation.s.