Backlog Calculation

As a system administrator, you must update your organization's Salesforce user profiles to allow access for users who will run backlogClosed Revenue that is expected from projects over a period of time for a region, practice or group. calculations. Grant users access to the following:

  • Read and create access to the Backlog Calculations object.
  • View field level security on the Backlog Calculations object.
  • Read access to the Backlog Details object.
  • View field level security on the Backlog Details object.

Sharing Settings Consideration

In the Sharing Settings, if you choose Public Read for the Backlog Calculation object, this means if a user has access to some backlog data, they have access to all of it. You can set the value to Private, however, if a user who has no sharing access runs a backlog calculation, you cannot not view the backlog data they calculated unless it is explicitly shared with you.