Skills Management Overview

Mass Managing Skills and Certifications

Using the Skills Management Lightning app page or the PSA Mass Manage Skills and Certifications Lightning component, you can filter the resources displayed, select multiple resources, and update their skills, certifications, and ratings. For more information, see Mass Managing Skills and Certifications for Resources.

Note: If you have skill zones enabled in your org, you cannot apply skills using this component in Spring 2022.

Skills, Certifications, and Categories

You can create a library of skills and certifications relating to the professional services you offer. PSA can be used to manage skills development for individual resources and the business overall. Resources can rate themselves against skills and identify which certifications they have. Managers and operations teams can set thresholds for key skills and track open requests against them. Operations and administrator users can set up and maintain skill, certification, and category record types on the Skills and Certifications page.

Skills Hierarchies

You can use Skill, Certification, and Category record types to create a skills hierarchy. Use parent and child relationships as appropriate to create the levels you need in your hierarchy. We support 10 levels in a skills hierarchy. Once you have created a skills hierarchy, you can organize and group skills and certifications by functional or product areas. Resource users can rate themselves against each skill, certification, or category.


A top-level or root record in the skills hierarchy must always be a category for it to have child records beneath it.

A category record cannot be changed to a skill or certification record.

When a skill record is not a category, you cannot add children to it.

For more information, see Creating Categories, Skills, and Certifications.

Skill Sets

Skill sets enable you to:

  • Group skills and certifications. You can create skill sets containing skills and certifications that relate to a particular product, or create skill sets that relate to a particular functional role on a project. For example, you could create a skill set for Migration and add individual skills relating to migration activities, such as data cleansing, to it.
  • Filter resources based on the skills in one or more sets, when creating resource requests.

To use skill sets, you must assign the PSA - Manage Skills permission set to your users.

For more information on skill sets, see Creating Skill Sets.

Skill and Certification Zones

Zones indicate the relevant subset of a library for resources in an RPGClosed Abbreviation of region, practice, group.. This way, resources and managers for a given area only view and rate the list of skills, categories or certifications relevant to their RPG.

The Skills/Certifications Zones tab provides a mechanism to associate existing skills, categories and certifications to regions, practices and groups. To associate a particular record to an RPG, see Adding a Skill or Certification Zone.


Your administrator might have configured PSA to make all skills and certifications available for rating entry in the Skills Matrix for all resources regardless of whether some have an appropriate skill zone set.

Skill Ratings

A skill or certification rating is the skill level or ability a resource has on a single skill or certification. Resources can rate themselves or someone else against a skill, category, or certification. For more information, see Managing Skills, Certifications, and Experience for Resources.

As a Resource Manager, you can search for resources by a skill or set of skills. For example, French. You can filter resources by a rating you want them to have in a skill, for example Proficient. This enables you to assign resources who are comfortable with the skills you need on a particular assignment. For more information, see Assigning Multiple Resources to Projects.

Skills Matrix

As an operations user or administrator, you can edit existing skills and certifications and view an overview of skills and certifications for a given resource by using the Skills Matrix tab and related pages. For more information, see Using the Skills Matrix.

Skill Thresholds

You can set and configure thresholds for key skills or all skills in your organization. These thresholds set warnings based on a minimum number of resources with specific skills or certifications, average ratings, or other elements. See Skills Settings.

Skills Capacity

The Skills Capacity page displays the number of resources, filtered by RPGClosed Abbreviation of region, practice, group., with a type of Skill/Certification, along with the High Value rating, Average Value Rating, and number of open resource requests asking for that skill or certification. See Using Skills Capacity.

Skill Types

You can set the skill type from a list of types when you create a skill or certification, for example, if you want to group skills capacity reports. See Type.