Setting up PSA Direct for Jira

Installations are carried out by the Certinia Onboarding team. To install the Certinia PSA Direct for Jira extension package, first make sure that the required packages are installed in your org, then contact your Customer Support representative.

This release of PSA Direct for Jira requires the following Certinia packages to be installed:

  • PSA Core Spring 2023.
  • Foundations Spring 2023.
  • Certinia PS Enterprise Spring 2023.

Post-Install Steps

If you have permissions to do so, you can follow the steps described in this section to set up and configure Certinia PSA Direct for Jira. For more information, see Permission Sets and Other Technical Documentation.

Note: The section outlines the steps for a first installation of PSA Direct for Jira.

You must be logged in as an administrator or equivalent to perform the steps. Access the related help page and complete the tasks described.

Before you can activate the integration via the Feature Console, you must configure several fields in the PSA Direct for Jira Setting tab. You must also add the required fields to the appropriate page layouts of the Assignment, Contact, Project, and Project Task objects.

Perform the following tasks in the order to set up PSA Direct for Jira:

PSA Direct for Jira Setup Tasks



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3 Add PSA Direct for Jira fields to the relevant page layouts. Customizing Page Layouts for PSA Direct for Jira
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