PSA Direct for Jira

The PSA Direct for Jira connector enables you to directly connect PSA and Atlassian Jira without using any third-party applications. It helps you streamline your processes so that your resources that use Jira as their work management application can also use it for entering time. It removes the need to manually enter the data in both systems.


The PSA Direct for Jira enables you to:

  • Automatically fill out PSA timecards and task time records with time logged for issues in Jira.
  • Automatically sync eligible PSA projects to Jira projects or issues of a predetermined type.
  • Automatically sync eligible PSA project tasks to Jira issues.
  • Manually correlate PSA resources and projects with Jira users and projects or issues of a predetermined type.
  • Automatically sync eligible Jira Issues to a PSA Project Task.
  • Manually correlate a Jira Issue from a PSA Project Task.


The connector does not support the following capabilities:

  • Sync sprints and milestone
  • Sync both billable and non-billable timecards
  • Sync a single Jira project into multiple PSA projects
  • Support for multiple instances of Jira into a single instance of PSA
  • Support tempo to enhance Jira by helping teams collaborate, plan, budget, track, and work smarter in one central software platform.
  • Support only Array First. Only the first value of a Jira field with multiple values is synced from the array list.
  • Support for Jira issue linking, as well as the synchronization of comments and attachments
  • Only a single Jira Issue type can be selected for PSA Project sync in the PSA Project to Jira Issue mode.