Headcounts in Budgets

The headcount grid is populated with the information stored in the payroll line object, and the payroll lines are created manually or imported via a CSV file. The Microsoft Excel CSV files import the headcount resource information using the Salesforce Data Import wizard.

The headcount resource information imported into the Planning and Analysis application using the Salesforce Data Import wizard is further stored in the Payroll Lines custom object that can be reused and imported into the Headcount by Resource Lines object to manage the existing budgets. For more information about the custom objects, see Payroll Lines Fields and Headcount by Resource Lines Fields Fields.

  • You can also use Certinia DataStream or Salesforce Data Loader to import the headcount resource information, but we recommend you import using the Salesforce Data Import wizard.
  • The Headcounts subtab provided within budgets is only visible when associated with a headcount budget template. You have also assigned the required permission sets are assigned to you. For more information, see Permission Sets and Other Technical Documentation.
  • The information in the Headcounts subtab can vary depending on the selection of the budget owner in the budget. The user must match the Reporting Manager field indicated in each employee record created in the Payroll Lines object. The list of employees displayed in the headcount grid must match the payroll line's budget holder and the reporting manager.
  • All the sensitive information that Headcount by Resource Lines contains is secured using the permission sets.


In this example, when you increase the salary of an employee 9 by 10% in the Salary Increment field, it increases the Salary and Wage costs by roughly $1000 in the Budget Line Items subtab of the budget, that is 10% of Salary Base - 115.000£, divided by the months where the Salary Increase applies.

But, when the Salary Increment Start Date for the headcount by resource line is set as to April 01 in the Headcounts subtab, it is indicated in a field in the Headcounts table so that the salary increment is effective from April 01 in that budget year, for all employees shown in the table.

For the Start Date, you can see that in the GLA 6000 - Salary and Wages, you have an increment of starting from July 01 - you have an increment of roughly 5K from 61k to 66k due to the 120k yearly base salary of employee #19, divided for half year (60k), divided for the number of months where this applies.

Headcounts Subtab in the Budget

Employee ID Annual Base Salary Salary Increment Salary Increment (%) Start Date New Base Salary
Employee #09 £ 115,000.00 £ 11,500.00 10.00%   £ 126,500.00
Employee #18 £ 120,000.00       £ 120,000.00
Employee #19 £ 120,000.00     01/07/2022 £ 60,000.00
Employee #20 £ 120,000.00       £ 120,000.00
Employee #23 £ 120,000.00       £ 144,000.00
Employee #24 £ 240,000.00       £ 240,000.00
Grand Total £ 835,000.00       £ 810,500.00

Budget Line Items Subtab in the Budget

  2022/001 2022/002 2022/003 2022/004 2022/005 2022/006 2022/007 2022/008 2022/009 2022/010 2022/011 2022/012
6000 - Salary and Wages £61,583.33 £61,583.33 £61,583.33 £61,583.33 £61,583.33 £61,583.33 66,624.43 66,624.43 66,624.43 66,624.43 66,624.43 66,624.43
6000 - Salary and Wages (2) £61,583.33 £61,583.33 £61,583.33 £62,541.67 £62,541.67 £62,541.67 £67,582.76 £67,582.76 £67,582.76 £67,582.76 £67,582.76 £67,582.76