Setting up Revenue Management

This table sets out the tasks involved in setting up Revenue Management.

Some tasks only need to be performed once in your org (One-off), whereas other tasks need to be repeated for each group of source objects (Repeatable). For example, if you have one group of source objects consisting of Project, Milestone and Timecard, and another group of source objects consisting of Sales Invoice and Sales Invoice Line Item, you must perform the repeatable tasks for both groups.

Complete the tasks in the order shown.


One-off or Repeatable Task Related Help Topic
1 One-off

Assign permission sets to Revenue Management users.

Assigning Permission Sets
2 One-off

Create years and periods in Revenue Management.

Creating Recognition Years and Periods
3 Repeatable

Decide on your primary source objects and up to three additional levels of related source objects.

Choosing Your Source Objects

4 Repeatable

Ensure your source objects have all the fields Revenue Management requires to calculate values.

Identifying Fields on Source Objects

5 Repeatable

On each source object, add a lookup to the Recognition Template object. This is so that later (in step 9) you can assign a template to each source record.

Adding Lookups on Your Source Objects to the Recognition Template Object

6 Repeatable

On the following Revenue Management objects, add lookups to your source objects. This is so that when the different transactions and lines are created, they have a link to the associated source record:

  • Recognition Transaction Line
  • Revenue Forecast Transaction
  • Revenue Forecast Transaction Line
  • Actual vs. Forecast Line
  • Performance Obligation Line Item
  • Recognition Schedule

You can optionally add lookups on the Recognition Schedule Line object to a source object's primary object or other related object. This allows visibility of all scheduled revenue associated with a primary record or other related record.

Adding Lookups on Revenue Management Objects to Your Source Objects


For information specific to recognition schedules, see Additional Setup for Generating Recognition Schedules

7 Repeatable

Create a recognition settings record for each source object.

Creating Recognition Settings

8 Repeatable

Create a recognition template for each source object that you want to include in forecasting and recognition processes, or for which you want to generate recognition schedules.

Creating Recognition Templates

9 Repeatable

Assign recognition templates to your source records or configure template mapping.

Assigning Recognition Templates to Source Objects and What is Template Mapping?

10 One-off

Optionally customize the batch size of processes. Certinia Customer Support can advise you on whether this is necessary for your org.

Controlling the Batch Size of Processes
11 One-off Add the relevant RM Actions Lightning component to a Lightning page of your choosing if you are not using either of the pages that include it by default.

Revenue Management Lightning Components

Additional Setup

You must complete additional setup to use the features listed below.


Related Help Topic

Generating Recognition Schedules Additional Setup for Generating Recognition Schedules
Recognizing Revenue and Cost against Recognition Schedules Recognize against Recognition Schedules
Multiple-Element Arrangements Additional Setup for using Multiple-Element Arrangements
Engagements Setting up Revenue Management for Engagements
Cost Recognition Additional Setup for Cost Recognition