Configuring an Estimate

Estimates have a high level of configurability, ensuring you can create your estimates with precision. For more information about creating an estimate, see Creating an Estimate.

An estimate record consists of two main components: Estimate Variables and Estimate Builder.

Estimate Variables

The Variables tab enables you to amend any global details on an estimate.

In the Global section of the Variables tab, you can amend the start and end date of the estimate. You can also select whether the estimate is the primary version for the opportunity, and the billing type.

The Cost Contingency field enables you to set a budget for any unexpected costs. This amount is added to the net amount and cost for the estimate. You can also select the Apply Discount to Cost Contingency checkbox, so that any discounts on the estimate are applied to the cost contingency.

To apply a discount to an estimate, enter the percentage to discount in the Global Discount (%) field on the estimate.

For more information about the fields displayed on the Variables tab, see Estimate Fields.

Estimate Builder

The Builder tab contains the Estimate Builder component, which enables you to build your estimate using estimate products, line sets, tasks, and role requests.


You must have the appropriate permissions for the fields to display in the Estimate Builder component. Contact your administrator.


You can customize the Builder in the following ways:

  • Right-click a column header to show a menu with options to hide columns.
  • Use drag-and-drop to reorder columns.
  • Place your cursor between the column headings and drag to resize columns.

Your customizations are only applied for your user and are retained if you use the same browser on the same device. Your scroll position and collapsed state of estimate records are also retained for your most recently viewed estimate, provided you only have one estimate open.

Hierarchy of Estimate Records

Records on an estimate employ the following hierarchy:

  1. Estimate Products
  2. Line Sets
  3. Tasks
  4. Role Requests

Each record can exist alone, but they will always exist in the outlined hierarchy if the records are related to each other. Any changes to records will have an effect on their parent and child records. If a parent record is deleted, its child records will also be deleted.


You can reorder and reparent records by dragging and dropping the rows. However, the new location of the records must still respect the hierarchy, and records can't be moved into or out of estimate products.

Locking an Estimate

To lock an estimate so that all records associated with it are uneditable, select the Locked field in the Details tab. To unlock the estimate, deselect the Locked field.


Estimate templates cannot be locked.