Pushing an Estimate to an Opportunity

You can push the role requests and estimate products of a primary estimate as resource requests and opportunity products to the related opportunity. This enables the relevant data on the estimate to be included in utilization and forecasting calculations. When you create a project from an estimate, the estimate is automatically pushed to the related opportunity if it hasn't previously been pushed. For more information about setting an estimate as primary, see Setting an Estimate as Primary

  • Your administrator must assign you the SCPQ - Push to Opportunity permission set to push an estimate to an opportunity.
  • If a role request belongs to an estimate product or line set that has a billing type of fixed price, the resource request created from the fixed price role request will have a requested bill rate of zero.
  • If an error related to minimum skill rating occurs, your administrator can disable the Rating_Required_For_Skill validation rule to prevent this.

To push estimate details to an opportunity:

  1. On a primary estimate record, click Actions | Services CPQ | Push to Opportunity.
  2. Select the estimate products to include in the project.

    The estimate products are displayed in separate cards by default. To change the view to a list, click then select List. Your selection is retained whenever you use the same browser on the same device. Click to select or deselect all estimate products.

    The selected estimate products will be pushed to the opportunity related to the estimate as opportunity products.

  3. Click Preview to open the Opportunity Preview window. If you don’t want to preview the opportunity, go to step 5.
  4. [Optional] Review the opportunity products that will be created from the estimate products and the financial information and resource requests that will be added to the opportunity.
  5. Click Grouping Criteria to review the fields that resource requests will be consolidated by. If estimate role skills are enabled in Services CPQ in your org, you can move them from the Selected list to the Available list to exclude them from the criteria to consolidate role requests by, then click Update Preview | Back.

    Your administrator can specify the fields for role request consolidation or disable it. For more information, see Managing Custom Settings from Setup.

  6. Click Push. You will receive a notification when the estimate is pushed to an opportunity.
  • If the Primary checkbox is deselected on the estimate after pushing to opportunity, the resource requests and opportunity products are deleted from the opportunity. For more information, see Setting an Estimate as Primary
  • If any estimate products fail to push, you'll receive a notification. Your administrator can view more information about the failure in the related app log record. For more information, see App Log.
  • You can't push to opportunity when the estimate is currently being processed by another action. Your administrator can troubleshoot any issues with process locking using the relevant process lock record. For more information, see Services CPQ Process Lock Fields.
  • If the Disable Edit of Pushed Estimate Products field in the Services CPQ custom setting is enabled, the Previously Pushed Estimate Products section of the Select Estimate Products window will not be visible. For more information, see Managing Custom Settings from Setup.