Setting Up Tax Reporting

Installations are carried out by the Certinia Onboarding team. To install the Tax Reporting package, first make sure that the required packages are installed in your org, then contact your Customer Support representative.

This release of Tax Reporting requires the Accounting Summer 2023 or newer Certinia package to be installed.

When you are logged in, you can review the package contents to ensure that this is the package you want to install. When you click Install, all the components in the package are installed to the org.

Click Select Security Settings. You can choose the usage access for all existing custom and standard profiles in your organization. For example, you might want to restrict its use to the Accountant profile.

You receive a confirmation email message on completion. If your installation is unsuccessful, follow the advice on the message. We recommend that you try to install the package again before you contact Customer Support.

For information about setting up the VAT Return Reporting functionality, see Setting Up VAT Return Reporting.

For information about setting up the Business Activity Statement functionality, see Setting Up Business Activity Statement.