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global interface ffasync_IProcessStep

This interface defines the structure of an async process step, implemented by fferpcore.ffasync_Process.Step and fferpcore.ffasync_ProcessIterable.IterableStep classes.
A step encapsulates the work that will be done by the process on a chunk of data, executed via Batch or Queueable apex.
Please extend framework classes instead of implementing this interface directly.



Boolean canRunParallel()

Flag used to run process steps in parallel or serial.


ffasync_ProcessService.ProcessResponse run(fferpcore.ffasync_ProcessService.ProcessExecutionContext ec, List<Object> objs)

The framework calls this method as part of the Batch or Queueable execute.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
ec fferpcore.ffasync_ProcessService.ProcessExecutionContext Execution Context for the current process.
objs List<Object> The result of the step.prepare() call. Length should be equal scope size.
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