Revenue Management API Developer Reference


global with sharing class SourceRecordSetupAction

Provides methods to allow automated setup of source records. Currently supported objects are blng__InvoiceLine__c, blng__CreditNoteLine__c, OrderItem and blng__UsageSummary__c.



global static void setup(List<ffrr.SourceRecordSetupAction.SourceRecord> input)

Goes though the source records input and populates:
- Each record's Actuals Template field (specified in custom settings) with the mapped template.
- Each record's Balance Sheet Account and Income Statement Account with the mapped GL Accounts. The ffrr__Template__c to be mapped to a record should be set on the appropriate blng__RevenueRecognitionTreatment__c on the blng__RevenueRecognitionRule__c related to the Product2 related to the source object. The GLAs to be mapped to a record should be set on the appropriate GL treatment, on the GL Rule found on the aforementioned blng__RevenueRecognitionTreatment__c.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
input List<ffrr.SourceRecordSetupAction.SourceRecord> Source records on to which the templates and GLAs will be mapped.


global with sharing class SourceRecord


Name Type Description
sourceId Id The Id of the source record.
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